Community Action Plans

Engaging with Our Place communities through Co-Design Workshops

As part of our commitment to listening to, and working with communities in our place-based work, ISSIT held a number of Community Co-Design Workshops in Warrawong, Bundaleer and East Nowra during October 2017. The aim of these workshops was to inform the development of Community Action Plans for each of these communities.

In total approx. 60 participants were involved in the workshops including community members, as well as representatives from community organisations, local government, schools and government agencies.

In order to engage participants graphic scribe, Gavin Blake, prepared illustrations based on what the ISSIT team had heard from community members leading up to the workshops.

               East Nowra Community Conversations01 resized
               East Nowra Communnity Conversations 02 resized 

During the workshops Gavin was also on hand to illustrate what was being discussed.

At each workshop there were important conversations about what the main concerns were in these communities and what actions we could get started on together to address these issues and build the capacity of the communities.

Across all communities a number of common themes were identified, which included:

  • creating safer communities;
  • improving the physical environment;
  • more opportunities for community members to come together;
  • increased activities for children and young people;
  • additional community and service supports for individuals; and
  • improving access to education and skills development across age groups.

Please get in touch with us via the feedback form on our website if you’d like to be involved or find out more.