Sustainable, place-based, whole-of-community collective impact

it's our place!

It's Our Place is a whole-of-community initiative that works Alongside communities experiencing intergenerational disadvantage. Together, we work to break the cycle of disadvantage to create happier, healthier, more sustainable communities


It's Our Place tackles complex social issues collectively by bringing together multiple government, non-government, businesses, philanthropists and individuals to deliver social and collective impact initiatives and projects.

Our localised work creates positive social and economic outcomes for the communities we work in. We aim to create increased community pride, neighbourhood cohesion, personal well-being and empowerment for those living in these communities.

It's Our Place initiatives centre around the collective, local delivery of community-identified outcomes and aspirations within community-created Community Action Plans. Our work is place-based (within a local community), whole-of-community (all issues, all members) and we use a Collective Impact approach 

It's Our Place initiatives are currently active across the Illawarra and Shoalhaven region of NSW, in the community of Bellambi. The suburb of Bellambi has a population of approximately 4,000 and 78% of the suburb is social housing, making it one of the highest concentrations of social housing in any suburb in NSW.


Bellambi Inforgraphic

Bellambi Mentoring Program

Our local Bellambi Domestic Violence Mentors.

    Bellambi Mentoring Program

    Our local Bellambi Domestic Violence Mentors.

    Bellambi Service Sector Walk and Talk

    Our Place Bellambi - bringing people together to make a positive difference

    Corrimal Community of Schools

    Our Place Bellambi - Corrimal Community of Schools: A Leader in 21st Century Learning

    Our Place Bellambi - Community Action Plan

    Delivering real results for the community in Bellambi:
    1. Safety and Physical Environment
    2. Connections, Support & Inclusiveness
    3. Learning, Education & Employment
    4. Community-Focused Services

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