About Us

It's Our Place is a place-based, whole-of-community initiative that works collectively to break the cycle of intergenerational disadvantage in local communities. 

We are a group of government agencies and non-government organisations formally working together and sharing resources to support local communities.  We do this through coordinating, facilitating and enabling the development and delivery of community co-designed action plans for change. 

Our work centres around the development and delivery of community-designed Community Action Plans. Our aim is to enable communities and individuals experiencing intergenerational social disadvantage to become happier, healthier and independent.

Our work: 

  • enables and incubates local social and economic initiatives
  • implemented by local individuals and organisations from across the community
  • and funded and resourced by local stakeholders. 

It's Our PLACE team

It's Our Place Illawarra Shoalhaven is enabled, neutrally facilitated, operationally managed and coordinated by Australian Social Investment Trust (ASIT), in partnership with cross-sector government agencies and non-government organisations in the Illawarra Shoalhaven region. ASIT is an independent, sector-neutral benevolent organisation designed to support and neutrally facilitate collective impact and positive social change with local organisations, communities and individuals.

It's Our Place Illawarra Shoalhaven's day-to-day operations are supported by Illawarra Shoalhaven Social InvestmenTs (ISSIT), a 'virtual organisation' developed under an operating model provided by ASIT.

ISSIT has a locally based Executive Advisory Board, currently comprised of 10 non-government and government agencies and organisations, all dedicated to working together on It's Our Place Illawarra Shoalhaven. 

The ISSIT Executive Advisory Board authorises and guides It's Our Place work. The ISSIT cross-sector operational Backbone Team drives, enables and coordinates projects, actions and systems change. The ISSIT Implementation Group carries out the front line work to deliver these projects and actions.

It's Our Place principles

  • Independent and neutral operational environment
  • Genuine collaboration and shared commitment by many

  • True social innovation 

  • Adaptive practice and leadership

  • Placing community at the centre

  • Focus on relationships

  • Blending range of approaches and tool

  • Distributed backbone support

  • Building capacity while addressing issues of concern

  • Extensive communication and engagement

  • Solutions created outside political, administrative and funding cycles