Illawarra Shoalhaven Social InvestmenTs

Implementing It's Our Place

It's Our Place Illawarra Shoalhaven is an initiative of llawarra Shoalhaven Social Investments (ISSIT), a virtual organisation supported by a number of government and non-government agencies.

ISSIT is a formalised structure that supports and enables It's Our Place's social and collective impact initiatives.

it's Our Place Illawarra Shoalhaven work is collectively undertaken by an Implementation Group of local agencies and organisations, enabled and driven by a Backbone Team, guided and authorised by an Executive Advisory Board, and funded and resourced by local stakeholders.

Membership of ISSIT requires an innovative, open, collaborative mindset, to ensure sustainable, long-term, positive social and economic impact of It's Our Place work.

Members of ISSIT

 issit members

Australian Social Investment Trust (ASIT)

NSW Department of Family and Community Services (FACS)

University of Wollongong

Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District

NSW Department of Education

Aboriginal Affairs NSW

NSW Police

Community Industry Group

Wollongong City Council