Shifting Mindsets

Stepping out of Silos for Professional Outcomes

It's Our Place is a unique and innovative collective impact initiative. Ensuring successful, long-term, sustainable outcomes for It's Our Place initiatives and projects requires an essential member mindset.

ISSIT membership requires innovative, open, turned-outward, collaborative mindsets. In return, participation in It's Our Place Illawarra Shoalhaven promises professional outcomes for members that include working together beyond silos to deliver real solutions for previously unresolvable social challenges.

 It is essential that ISSIT members:

  • listen to the voice of community members and place them at the centre of decision making

  • accept and understand that we must work collaboratively to achieve sustainable, long-term positive impact

  • are able to hold different views simultaneously 

  • able to consider all perspectives

  • are willing to give up autonomy and to share attributions

  • have a capacity for change and a commitment to better ways of working

  • are willing to take smart risks

  • are committed to a broader agenda

  • understand the principle of forum neutrality, different perspectives are welcome; the process itself has no bias

  • recognise that productive discomfort is a normal part of working in this manner 

Professional outcomes members have experienced through their participation in It's Our Place Illawarra Shoalhaven include:

  • professional networking and relationship building

  • up-skilling opportunities created beyond single member agencies

  • working outside of silos - stretching professional skills, focus, work, and agenda beyond single member agencies

  • delivering real, measurable solutions and results

  • delivering outcomes for issues that have previously been tackled with little success

  • robust and effective tracking of progress and measure and evaluation of outcomes

  • genuine focus on community and guided by community priority – through real engagement and extensive communication.