Backbone Team

Implementing Our Place

The ISSIT cross-sector operational Backbone Team drives, enables and coordinates It's Our Place projects, actions and systems change. The Backbone facilitates the work of the Implementation Group, which carries out the frontline work to deliver these projects and actions.

The backbone team is a cross-sector team of highly adaptive, agile, responsive, innovative, community-focused professionals with a sophisticated range of skills. The Backbone brings a breadth of experience in community engagement, community and economic development, operational strategy, social outcomes evaluation, relationship management and partnership brokering. 

The backbone team works with the Advisory Board, Implementation Group and other local organisations to complete projects and initiatives to deliver community-identified outcomes and aspirations within Community Action Plans for each It's Our Place community. 

Backbone team

Executive Oversight and Advisory

Natasha Scully (Australian Social Investment Trust)

Helen Freeland (Australian Social Investment Trust)

Executive Officer

Patricia Zammit (Australian Social Investment Trust)

Project Officer - Including Measurement & Evaluation

Demee Rheinberger (Australian Social Investment Trust)

Sandy He (Australian Social Investment Trust)

Events Co-Coordinator (volunteer)

Wynette Sheather

Additional significant pro rata support is given by staff from the Australian Social Investment Trust, Community Industry Group, and Wollongong City Council.