Our Work

Delivering social and collective impact

It's Our Place enables, facilitates and coordinates the delivery of community-identified outcomes and aspirations contained within co-created local Community Action Plans.

We bring together and enable the work of local agencies and organisations to deliver social and collective impact projects and initiatives related to Community Action Plans created by each It's Our Place community.

Community-created action plans

It's Our Place work centres around the implementation of Community Action Plans. Community Action Plans are co-developed by the community and capture ideas and aspirations for positive change.

We coordinate, facilitate and enable delivery of Community Action Plan outcomes and aspirations through projects and initiatives, with support from a broad range of community members, government agencies, non-government organisations, schools and businesses.

It's our place Communities 

In Bellambi, in the NSW Illawarra Shoalhaven region, around 700 community members and representatives from business, schools, non-government organisations and government agencies were involved in the co-creation of the Bellambi Community Action Plan 2016/18.

From August to October 2017, the It's Our Place team worked with local organisations and groups in Bundaleer, East Nowra and Warrawong to hold community conversations with aspirations, ideas and concerns for their communities. Community workshops will followed, resulting in the creation of 12 month action plans for each of the new It's Our Place communities.

In 2018 Family and Community Services (FACS) had a policy change in there approach to Placed-Based work. As a result, the 3 new community were taken in a different Placed-Based direction through traditional funder-provider model with FACS in a tender process. Therefore, the It's Our Place Collective Impact initiative now has a core focus on the Bellambi community. 

collective impact

It's Our Place is a unique and innovative Collective Impact initiative. We use a Collective Impact approach when bringing together individuals, agencies and organisations across the community to deliver Community Action Plan initiatives and projects. We believe collective work enables large-scale, long-term positive social and economic impact.

To facilitate genuine collaboration and innovation, It's Our Place takes a unique approach to traditional Collective Impact. This allows for wholistic community solutions beyond single cohorts/issues, creates community self-sufficiency, and enables genuinely self-sustaining, long-term positive social and economic impact.