Community Action Plans

Engaging with Our Place communities through Co-Design Workshops

As part of our commitment to listening to, and working with communities in our place-based work, local community members are consulted at co-design workshops to ensure that the work completed is in line with the priorities of the community. The aim of the workshops is to inform the development of Community Action Plans for the Bellambi community. 

In 2015 we engaged and co-designed the first Bellambi Community Action Plan with over 800 residents and service providers. This was an ambitious plan with 123 actions across four themes which the community identified. The Phase 1 Community Action Plan themes were Safety & the Physical Environment; Learning, Education & Employment; Connections, Support & Inclusive Communities; and Community Focused Services. As of June 2018 all 123 actions on the  Phase 1 Action Plan has been completed. The 2016 / 2017 Bellambi Report can be found here.

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 In late 2018 we began engagement with the Bellambi community as we started to formulate the Phase 2 Bellambi Action Plan. Numerous conversations were held with residents in the Bellambi community and many service providers in the lead up the Phase 2 Co-design day held in October 2018. We are currently working with the feedback obtained before and at the Co-design day to begin formulating the Phase 2 Action Plan for Bellambi, before presenting it to the community for their thoughts in early 2019. 

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 Please get in touch with us via the feedback form on our website if you’d like to be involved or find out more.